Erasmus+ Internship Placements

The Erasmus+ Internship Placements offers are targeted at university students enrolled in all the universities participating in the Erasmus+ programme who wish to carry out an internship at the University of Zadar and who have obtained an Erasmus+ Internship Placement grant by their home university.

 The Erasmus+ Internship Placements for the academic year 2022/2023:

Application And Selection

Each placement offer specifies candidate’s requirements, language proficiency, training activities, duration and period of the internship etc. Students who wish to apply should send their application according to the application procedure listed in the offer. Only eligible students can apply!

Upon Selection

Upon selection, the candidates will be informed about the results by the host department coordinator or mentor. The selected student should confirm the internship within 30 days and send the nomination letter issued by his/her home university to the mentor at the host department. If the host department does not receive the student’s confirmation within 30 days, it will be considered that the student has withdrawn his/her application.

The selected student should follow the admission procedure for Erasmus+ incoming students listed at our web site in order to benefit from all services dedicated to our Erasmus+ incoming students: a free Croatian Language Course, free access to the library facilities and free local public transport.

General information for incoming students is also available in the International Student Guide and at our web site

At the end of the mobility period, the student’s achievement will be certified in the Transcript of Work issued by the host department.