The Alumni Club of the University of Zadar was founded on 10 June 2014 with the following aims: to maintain the tradition of the University of Zadar;  to promote the reputation of the University of Zadar in Croatia and abroad; to care for the development and progress of the University of Zadar;  to preserve ethics among the University staff;  to build and strengthen liaisons and cooperation between former students and the University of Zadar;  to encourage and establish a connection between the University of Zadar and similar educational, development, and research institutions in the Republic of Croatia and the world; to cooperate with the institutions in which the former students of the University of Zadar and of its preceding institutions are employed; and to develop cooperation with similar associations (the AMAC/AMCA) in Croatia and abroad.

Persons eligible to become the members of the Alumni Club are former students who completed a study at the University of Zadar and at institutions that are its legal predecessors (the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar, the Pedagogical Academy, and the Teacher Training College); persons who completed a study somewhere else in Croatia or abroad and are particularly connected with the University's activities; and persons who with their activities, financial or material support contribute to the accomplishment of the program tasks of the Alumni Club.

We invite you to join the UNIZD Alumni Club by filling in the application form.

Send a completed application form by mail to the address “Alumni klub Sveučilišta u Zadru, Mihovila Pavlinovića 1, 23 000 Zadar”, or by e-mail to