Admission Procedure for Incoming Students


For information on the admission procedure for NON exchange incoming students (NON mobility students) please contact the Office for Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications.


UPDATE: New admission procedure for Erasmus+ incoming students! Starting with the academic year 2019/2020 the University of Zadar accepts Online Learning Agreement (OLA) only while fully endorsing Erasmus Without Paper initiative which has been supported by the European Commission.


Only students nominated for Erasmus+ mobility by the coordinator from his/her home Faculty/University can apply. 

The application procedure consists of the Online Learning Agreement only. The instructions on how to apply can be found here.

In exceptional situations, the student might have to send additional documents or even have an interview (e.g. to test the level of motivation or the language competency level).

Only after the OLA is signed by all sides, the student will receive an acceptance letter and be able to proceed with the mobility application (application for accommodation, application for residence permit etc.).

The Online Learning Agreement has to be signed by the student and the sending institution coordinator until MAY 15 (for the winter semester) or NOVEMBER 15 (for the summer semester).

Practical information about accommodation, residence permit, health insurance etc. can be found here.


The application procedure for interns also consists of the Online Learning Agreement. The instructions on how to apply can be found here.

NOTE: In case that the home institution does not allow digital signatures, Erasmus+ students and interns also have the possibility to carry out the procedure with the regular Learning Agreement (LA).

CEEPUS INCOMING STUDENTS have to visit the official web site of the CEEPUS programme, find out the information about available CEEPUS networks and fill in the application form electronically.

The University of Zadar participates in eight CEEPUS networks and in one so-called „umbrella“ CEEPUS network:

1. Education Without Frontiers - Department of Information Sciences

2. ARHEOPED 2 - Department of Archaeology

3. Shared History of Central Europe - Department of History

4. GEOREGNET - Department of Geography

5. TRANSlation  – Department of German Studies

6. Slavic Philology and its Cultural Contexts - Department of Croatian and Slavic Studies

7. Inter-American Studies - Department of Sociology

8. Pedagogy and Andragogy in South-East Europe (PASEE) - Department of Pedagogy


1. Red de Hispanitas de Europa Central - Department of Hispanic and Iberian Studies


Practical information about accommodation, residence permit, health insurance etc. can be found here!

INCOMING STUDENTS WITHIN BILATERAL AGREEMENTS, OTHER MOBILITY PROGRAMMES AND INDIVIDUAL FREEMOVERS have to be nominated by the home institution. The nomination letter should be sent to the International Relations Office at least 10 weeks before the beginning of the mobility period. Incoming students are required to send the following documents in English:

1. Completed and signed Application form for the Incoming Student (in the original);

2. Transcript of records (for bachelor level: transcripts of all bachelor courses taken so far; for master level: copy of bachelor diploma and transcripts of both bachelor and master courses taken so far; for doctoral level: copy of bachelor and master diploma as well as transcripts of bachelor, master and doctoral courses taken so far);

3. Learning Agreement with proposed programme of study signed by the home institution (in the original)/ Training Agreement with proposed programme of internship signed by both home and host institution (in the original);

4. Copy of ID or passport;

5. One photo in colour.

Mobility documents can be found here!

Students from the Universities that do not have signed Bilateral Cooperation Agreement with the University of Zadar will have to pay tuition fee. Tuition fee depends on the type of the study programme, student's nationality and weather the application is for one or both semesters.

These documents have to be sent to the following address at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the mobility period:

Sveučilište u Zadru

Ured za međunarodnu suradnju

Mihovila Pavlinovića 1

23 000 Zadar, Croatia

A scanned copy of the documents should be sent by e-mail to: at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the mobility period!

Practical information about accommodation, residence permit, health insurance etc. can be found here!

If you have any questions or problems please contact the International Relations Office!