International students are usually accommodated in the residence hall or in private apartments. There are two residence halls in Zadar. One has 94 rooms, 18 of which are triple, and 76 double rooms, which can in total accommodate 206 students. There are three kitchenettes, two TV rooms, a large hall, a classroom, a computer cabinet, a laundry room and a recreational hall. The student is obligated to pay 89,59 EUR per month.

The second residence hall, opened in 2022, has a capacity of 129 rooms with 284 beds. There is a canteen with 500 seats, a living room, a separate study area, storerooms, a laundry room, a kitchenette and many other facilities. The student is obligated to pay 139,36 EUR per month for a double room, or 119,45 EUR per month for a triple room.

The one-time administrative cost of 10,62 EUR must be paid for the accommodation in both residence halls.

If you would like to live in the Residence Hall during your studies in Zadar you have to fill in the application form. You will receive the application form by e-mail along with your acceptance letter as soon as your Online Learning agreement/Learning Agreement is accepted by the University of Zadar. There are 10 places for international students at the Residence Hall and the selection is made on a first-come first-served basis. Additional capacity is possible upon request, subject to availability.

A much more reliable way of finding satisfactory accommodation is a private room or an apartment. Prices vary, but you can find a room for approx. 170 €, while the prices for apartments range between 300 and 450 € per month.