Dissertation Title Submission

The student applies for the synopsis defence by the end of the 2nd academic year. The defence is conducted before an expert committee.

Dissertation Submission

A doctoral study is completed by submission and defence of a dissertation.

A student has to submit the dissertation 24 months after the end of the last semester at the latest.

Doctoral dissertation may be submitted only if the candidate has verified all semesters, passed the required examinations and fulfilled other stipulated activities of a determined ECTS credit value, settled all financial and other obligations from the study programme.

Doctoral dissertation is evaluated by separate reports of an expert committee whose members evaluate the dissertation.

On the basis of the expert committee's suggestion, the Senate may accept the dissertation (in case it has been approved by the majority of separate reports) or return it for revision (the revision deadline is 6 months).

After the Senate has accepted a positive grade of the dissertation, the defence date is scheduled.