Student Counseling Centre is a component of the University of Zadar established with the mission of providing psychological assistance and support to students who study at the University, as well as to the employees of the University who work with students in different ways.

Activities of the Counseling Centre are directed towards providing professional assistance and support during college years, but also towards the growth and development of all participants of the educational process. We offer individual counseling as well as group work directed towards overcoming various difficulties related to academic achievement, relationships, anxiety, depression, self-satisfaction etc. Educational activities such as workshops, lectures and development of educational materials are also part of the activities organized by the Student Counseling Centre.

Student Counseling Centre strives to ensure conditions for successful education of students with disabilities such as visual and hearing impairment, physical disabilities, chronic diseases, multiple impairments and various other health conditions that could manifest as potential obstacles in the normal course of study.

All of our services are free of charge and we guarantee maximum discretion and confidentiality.

Contact us if you evaluate that our assistance could contribute towards higher quality of your life.