Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vocational training in Bad Aussee AMEOS Clinic

Full Professor Marius Nickel, MD, the headmaster of the Bad Aussee AMEOS Clinic and a professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Graz, held a lecture in the Great Hall of the University of Zadar. The professor represented his clinic, as well as the possibility of renewing psychiatric-psychotherapeutic student vocational training, every year during summer, for two students of the Department of Health Studies, and the possibility of providing scholarship to the students of the University of Zadar.

The AMEOS, whose main centre is in Zürich, owns the largest number of psychiatric clinics in the German speaking area. A state clinic containing 100 beds and a private clinic with 25 beds are located in Bad Aussee. Patients suffering from depressive disorders, somatoform and pain disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders and eating disorders are treated in the clinic. In the last few years the clinic has developed into a notable place of scientific research and international exchange of knowledge in the area of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy.

The students who decide to participate in training are expected to show interest in psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and psychosomatic fields, and to possess the knowledge of the German language, preferably on the B2 level, considering that 90 per cent of the patients are from the German speaking area.

During the practice, the students will be provided with

·    a travel expenses refund from Croatia to Bad Aussee

·    free meals and lodging during the training in Bad Aussee

·    a scholarship amount of 400 euro during the entire training

·    intensive practice within a multidisciplinary team

·    intensive guidance during the entire training

The duration of the training is 4 weeks. The students can choose the period of training which suits them most.

Marko Stijić and Tatjana Komšo, the students of the Department of Psychology, presented their impressions from the summer training and closely introduced the ways of living and working in Bad Ausee to the future trainees.