Thursday, June 18, 2015

Opening of the Exhibition ''Dominican Order Studium Generale in Zadar (1396 – 1807)''

To mark the 2014-2015 academic year’s end, the University of Zadar and the Alumni club of the University of Zadar have organised a programme dedicated to the 619th foundation anniversary of the Dominican Studium Generale in Zadar. The programme started with the opening of the exhibition entitled the Dominican Order Studium Generale in Zadar (1396 – 1807) in the University's Great Hall.

The exhibition on the foundation, work, and development of the first University on Croatian territory was prepared by Ante Blaće, PhD, Assistant Professor Robert Bacalja and Assistant Professor Serđo Dokoza. The exhibition represents documents belonging to the State Archive in Zadar and the Scientific Library in Zadar, which chronicle work at the university throughout centuries of its existence.

Besides the original documents, four posters have also been set up at the exhibition, each representing general information on the University's achievements gathered during a research conducted by Full Professor Sjepan Krasić, a Dominican and a long-term professor at the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas.

The exhibition is open from 15 to 19 June as a part of the scientific conference Agreements across Borders Conference 2015 programme, organised by the Department of linguistics, and the Experimental Morphosyntax of South Slavic project.