Thursday, October 8, 2020

New visual identity of the University of Zadar

The new visual identity of the University of Zadar was presented at its premises on Monday, September 28. It has a new sign at its centre - the rosette of knowledge. The design was authored by Tana Jeić, Iva Primorac and Monika Vodopija, students of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, under the mentorship of Tomislav Vlainić, Romana Kajp, Marija Juza, Emil Flatz, and organized by Feđa Vukić, Head of School of Design. From several proposed designs, the University chose the one that connects its tradition with the vision of a modern international university as a generator of knowledge and a driver of innovative change based on the needs of society and the principle of equal opportunities, socially responsible behaviour and high ethical standards.
- We have tried to present our ideas with the new logo and new graphic standards presenting basic strategic guidelines and concepts of the role of science and higher education in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, with views across the sea to overseas universities, especially those with whom we are strengthening modern academic alliance within the EU CONEXUS project. I hope that we will easily identify with the new sign that so easily exudes rich symbolism, said at the ceremony the rector of the University of Zadar, Professor Dijana Vican, PhD.
In search of a new visual solution, the University turned to the Design Study of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, respecting the expertise and focus of their professors and students to open new perspectives in the complex and interdisciplinary field of design.
- This togetherness in celebrating the University Day is just a confirmation of our readiness and a reminder of our fulfilment with strength and perseverance, and even entrepreneurial inspiration for a solid upgrade of the university spirit that will continue to reflect on the City of Zadar, Zadar County and Croatia in social, cultural and in economic terms - and more specifically, to the most brilliant resource, our present and future students, Vican pointed out.
Presenting their design, the students said that they tried to unite the tradition and modernity of Zadar and the university that is focused on the future. It is a rosette with petals that revolve around the circle and come out of it, which symbolizes the growth of knowledge and cognition. The symbol presents the University of Zadar as an accessible and open institution that expands the horizons of people of different interests, a centre of education that, like a compass, directs students towards professional advancement upon academic education. The symbol is designed in two selected colours: blue, as the colour of knowledge and education, and golden yellow, which symbolizes excellence, warmth and sunshine.
In the continuation of this year's University Day celebration, best students and laureate employees were awarded for their top achievements. As part of that program, Professor Josip Lisac, PhD was solemnly presented with a plaque on the award of the honorary title of Professor emeritus.