Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lecture on ''Kendo – the Culture of the Sword''

His Excellency Keiji Ide, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Croatia, held a lecture entitled Kendo – the Culture of the Sword in the Great Hall of the University of Zadar on 1 March 2016.

An introductory speech at the beginning of the lecture was held by Assistant Professor Marko Lukić, Head of Department of English and President of Croatian Kendo Association.

After an interesting lecture during which H.E. Keiji Ide spoke in Croatian about the development of kendo and its role in Japanese culture, the visitors had the opportunity to ask about the sport, the interest of women and different ages for kendo in Japan and the world, the possibilities of its inclusion into Olympic sports etc. The presentation of the kendo sport equipment was held at the end.

By introducing the Kendo course at the University of Zadar, the students have been given an opportunity to acquaint themselves with and study Japanese culture. Students learn through regular classes and training about a wider cultural and social context of kendo as a sport that developed from an ancient Japanese martial art.