Monday, May 25, 2015

Journalism and Public Relations 4th Year Students' Humanitarian Action

For the sixth year in row, the students of the Department of Tourism and Communication Sciences at the University of Zadar have organised the project The Rhytm of Culturism. This year, it took place from the 13th to the 15th May, and it was themed “I Like Zadar”.

A humanitarian action was organised as a part of this project, during which logo t-shirts and cards were being sold, and the money for a social supermarket at Saint Francis Church was being collected at an a cappella evening in Saint Donat Church. Upon the occasion, groceries and other necessary merchandise bought from the donations were delivered.

The initiative to open the first Zadar social supermarket came from the married couple Igor and Tanja Blaslov, and the very idea of opening the shop received a welcoming approval of the governing institutions and citizens who seek to help in stacking its shelves.

Ivana Matešić, Lucija Zorić, Nevia Dadić, Ana  Šarić, Filip Panza, Sara Vargović, Ivana Sajko and Anamaria Galović, the organisers of this praiseworthy initiative, have shown that quantity is not as important as giving from the heart, and that any help is welcome to those in need.