Thursday, April 2, 2015

Full Professor Ante Uglešić, Rector of the University of Zadar, awarded with a gold medal of the Republic of Austria

Full Professor Ante Uglešić Rector, was awarded the Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria. The Decoration was awarded by Heinz Fischer, PhD, President of the Republic of Austria, and it was presented to the Rector by Austrian Ambassador, Her Excellency Andrea Ikić-Bӧhm.

The Austrian Ambassador stated that the Decoration was awarded for justified reasons because the Rector had shown the interest for cooperation with Austria several years ago, which resulted in the opening of the Austrian Library ''Alois Mock''.

Not hiding his excitement, Rector Ante Uglešić pointed out that he had experienced this act not only as a great acknowledgement for himself, but also as a great honour for his university, his town and his country. The award represented an additional incentive to personally continue to stand for stronger and deeper relations with the Republic of Austria, especially in the area of his work and interest – science, higher education and culture.