Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book presentation of Full Professor Stijepo Obad

“Dalmatia in Recent Croatian History and Culture” is the title of the book written by Full Professor Stijepo Obad, presented in the Great Hall of the University of Zadar.                    

The book represents the essence of the author’s work on Dalmatia in modern and contemporary history. In twenty articles, the author discusses a wide spectrum of topics, from social, political, and national-integrative problems, to his favourite work on local history. Associate Professor Josip Faričić, Vice Rector and a former student of Professor Obad, extended a welcoming speech to the audience, stating that the book represented a significant work and historical contribution of Stijepo Obad, who has a distinctive place among Croatian historians.

Associate Professor Ante Bralić, the editor of the book, emphasized that this book should serve as a reminder to all appreciators of Croatian history of how the Professor’s family had managed to preserve their Croatian identity despite times of scarcity. The presented work of Professor Obad would represent a great assistance in the research of the past.

Full Professor Marko Trogrlić, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, and Full professor Josip Vrandečić, Head of the History Section of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, both former students of Professor Obad, spoke in terms of appreciation about their professor and his work. An eminent generation of Obad’s students, the members of which are distinguished experts and historians in the whole of Croatia, describe their teacher and mentor as primarily humane.

The author himself, Full Professor Stijepo Obad, a distinguished Croatian scientist, university professor and cultural worker, has published a large number of scientific, expert and other works and several books, while dedicating his life mainly to Dalmatian history of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The author thanked all the associates who had participated in creating of the book. He had not only studied political history, but had given a total historical overview of the economic, educational, cultural and social life of the period.

The book “Dalmatia in Recent Croatian History and Culture” by Stijepo Obad is available in the University’s bookstore Citadela for 150 kuna.