Monday, May 25, 2015

Book Donation to the Department of History of Art

Engineer Silvio Cattalini, President of Udine's regional section of the National Association of Venezia Giulia and Dalmatia (Associazione Nazionale Venezia Giulia e Dalmazia), has donated another valuable set of books related to the Apennine Peninsula's cultural heritage to the Department of History of Art. It included a three-volume integrated edition of the famous Vasari's ''Lives'', with annotations and illustrations the students would find especially useful; a six-volume series History of Art (Storia dell’Arte) from the author Dino Campini, and the encyclopaedia edition of Touring Cluba Italiano: Conosci l’Italia in 12 volumes, as well as Capire l’Italia in 5 volumes. 

The same as the first donation consisting of 190 monographs from the series ''Maestri del Colore'', this already the second donation will be of great benefit to the teaching process at the Department of the History of Art, where the architectural monuments and artwork on the territory of today’s Italy are precisely the focus of a large part of the curriculum.

Mr Cattalini was born in Zadar. He descends from an old family originating from Trogir and Splt. His father was the manager of the Zadar’s shipyard.  The war drove him to Lošinj, where he graduated from the Maritime School. He completed his education for an engineer on the famous Politecnico di Milano and Luigi Bocconi University. He spent his entire working life in steel industry, working in Milan and around the world, and upon retirement he engaged in social activism in Udine and the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.