Thursday, April 23, 2015

22nd Ramir and Zoran Bujas Days Awards

Croatian Psychological Society awards were given at the 22nd Ramir and Zoran Bujas Days.

Zoran Bujas Psychological Award was presented to Full Professor Izabela Sorić, PhD, for a noteworthy psychological book entitled “Self-Regulation of Learning – Can We Learn How to Learn”.  

Bujas’s Golden Psychological Badge for an exceptional diploma thesis was given to:

Zlatko Bajić for the diploma thesis entitled “The Connection of Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem with Emotions and Violence Experienced at School”, under the mentorship of Full Professor Izabela Sorić, PhD;

Adam Matić for the diploma thesis entitled “Neuronic System for Sight, Movement and Touch Coordination – the Analysis of a Robotic Model Based on the Controlled Perception Theory”, under the mentorship of Associate Professor Pavle Valerjev.