Electronic Identity

The  Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of science and higher education in Croatia (AAI@EduHr) is an infrastructural, proxy system whose main task is to ensure the safe, reliable, and effective management of electronic identities and their usage for the purposes of accessing network and online services and resources.

AAI@EduHr entries represent core entries about the electronic identities of natural persons from the Croatian science and higher education system. The entries represent a starting point for other information and network systems that are used or rely on the electronic identities of natural persons from the Croatian science and higher education system.

The AAI@EduHr system was developed by the Srce and CARNet with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. The University of Zadar joined the system on 7 December 2005.

The University of Zadar gives electronic identity to its students, employees, associates, and guests on demand. The electronic identity expires when the user's legal connection with the University ceases.

AAI@EduHR usage within the University of Zadar is regulated by the Ordinance on usage of the  Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of Science and Higher Education in Croatia (AAI@EduHr) at the University of Zadar.

Students open their user account in the departmental secretary's office or in the students' admissions office, while employees and associates open the account in the University's IT Centre.

A user data confirmation is issued upon opening the electronic identity. Please find a preview of the confirmation in this attachment.
The given password must be changed within 48 hours from opening the electronic identity.

The password change and the user data update can be done at this address: https://personal.unizd.hr/ldap/

The list of services that can be accessed through the electronic identity is available on this webpage: Servisi.

More about the AAI@EduHr can be found at:

CARNet Electronic Identity - http://www.carnet.hr/elektronicki_identitet
AAI@EduHr - http://www.aaiedu.hr
AAI@EduHr Server Status - http://www.aaiedu.hr/status_li.php

More about privacy and data processing can be found at: Privacy notification