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SSAS - SOCIAL SCIENCE AND THE SEA. Joint Seminar on Sustainable Development in European Maritime Regions

First Session – University of Zadar

(6 ECTS)

A joint international seminar addressing the socio-ecological aspects of regional development in maritime regions, the cooperative dimension of transnational governance and the crucial issue of mobility both in terms of logistics (ports, routes, security, labor relations, etc.) and of social-cultural exchange (tourism, migrations, social networks, etc.)


Organized by and held at:

Department of Sociology, University of Zadar, Ul. Mihovila Pavlinovića bb., 23000, Zadar



University of Zadar (Croatia), University of Teramo (Italy), University of Montenegro (Montenegro), National Maritime University of Odessa (Ukraine), Institute of Sociology, University of Szczecin (Poland).


Timeplan of activities:

Activities consist of lectures, seminars, table-top exercises, desk-work, field-work and group discussions. Each day, one lecture will be in charge of the activities, from 09 to 13, and from 15 to 19.

Activities take place between the 24 september 2013 and the 03 October 2013



A second and third seminar will be held in 2014 in Szeszcin and Odessa


A project financed and supported by:

The Adriatic Ionian Initiative

Central European Initiative – University Network