Odjel za sociologiju


Sociologists dealing with maritime issues are rarely aware of each other works and, their scholarly achievements seldom contribute to the advancement of the wider theoretical and epistemological debates.

Therefore, a somewhat visionary number of maritime oriented sociologists and social scientists convened in Zadar (Croatia) in September 2013 to take part into the SSAS (Social Science and the Sea) Summer School, sponsored by the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative and the Central European Initiative, and to attend the “Sociology at Sea” international conference.

In the wake of the two events, an international group of sociologists agreed about a joint memorandum paving the way for future activities and established a network of maritime sociology (SSASea) (DOWNLOAD 2), which is open to all social scientis sharing the objectives and the principles of our common endeavor.

The network aims at bringing together sociologists from different fields and backgrounds, in a truly international and inter-disciplinary perspective, to relocate maritime sociology within the wider sociological debate and to develop the heuristic potential of the sea

Among the ongoing and forthcoming activities of the network are:

·        Seminars and conferences

·        Publications

·        Project-making

·        Dissemination actions