Odjel za sociologiju

Dr. sc. Karin Doolan, Associate Professor



B.A. (University of Zagreb), MPhil (University of Cambridge), PhD (University of Cambridge)


Department of Sociology
University of Zadar
Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV, br. 2
23000 Zadar

Tel.: 023 200 681
Fax.: +385 (0)23 200 603
E-mail: kdoolan@unizd.hr

Karin Doolan is Associate Professor at the University of Zadar’s Department of Sociology. She began her research journey at the University of Cambridge where she completed her MPhil and PhD in the sociology of education with a focus on the (re)production of social inequalities. Her priority has been to contribute to research projects, policy development and advocacy initiatives which aspire to contribute to a more just society. In line with her research concerns she brings critical pedagogy to the classroom. She is currently coordinating a project on the effects of crisis situations such as floods and earthquakes on schools as organisations.

Professional affiliations:

Member of the Presidency of the Croatian Sociological Association 
Coordinator of the CSA's Qualitative Research Methods group
Member of the Academic Board of the Institute for Political Ecology
Member of the Governing Board of the Institute for the Development of Education


(2021-2023) Project leader „Vulnerability and resilience of schools in crisis situations" (University of Zadar)
(2020-2022) Researcher on the project „The resilience of Croatian society in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic" (Croatian Science Foundation)
(2016-2019) Project leader „Social stratification in Croatia: structural and subjective aspects“ (Croatian Science Foundation)
(2014-2015) Researcher on the Croatian Eurostudent project (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports).
(2013-2016) Researcher on the project Social identities, access to higher education and course choice (Croatian Science Foundation).
(2013-2015) Principal researcher on the project EQuality: Linking quality and social inclusion in higher education (European Commission, IPA programme).
(2010-2013) Principal researcher on the project Towards equitable and transparent access to higher education in Croatia (ACCESS) (European Commission).
(2010-2011) Leader of the development project Advancing the Field of Sociology of Education in Croatia (Open Society Institute).

For a full list of published articles and reports as well as conference presentations please see: http://bib.irb.hr/lista-radova?autor=263890#neobjavljeno