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Current projects


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Reparative Practices for New Cultural Ecosystem

 Kurziv – Platform for kulture, media and society, Stowarzyszenie Im. Stanislawa Brzozowskiego/Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Maska (Slovenia), University of Zadar. From Department of Sociology: Dr Željka Tonković and Luka Antonina, mag. soc. 

European Commision (Creative Europe) January 2023 – December 2024.
The Cartography of the Political Noveli in Europe (CAPONEU)

Depatment of Sociology, University of Zadar (Dr Karin Doolan), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb, University of Cambridge, University of Brighton, University of Poznan, University of Nicosia, Institute for political ecology, Autonomy.

European Commission (HORIZON 2022)

February 2023-January 2027
Vulnerability and resilience of schools ahead of and in the aftermath of disasters Department of Sociology, University of Zadar (Dr Karin Doolan, Dr Valerija Barada, Mr Pavao Parunov, Dr Dražen Cepić), Network of Education Policy Centers (Lana Jurko, Sanja Brajković), Institute for Political Ecology (Dr Mladen Domazet), Institute for Social Research (Dr Branko Ančić)  University of Zadar 

September 2021-October 2023

Expanding the network of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access practitioners in higher education through institutional capacity building  Department of Sociology, University of Zadar (Dr Karin Doolan, Mr Pavao Parunov), University of Ljubljana, University of Belgrade, University College Dublin, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Knowledge Innovation Centre European Commission (Erasmus +) September 2022-August 2025
Platform Work Inclusion Living Lab” (P-WILL) CA21118 Valerija Barada from Dept. of Sociology, project leaders: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Research Group: Digital Commons, Barcelona, Spain COST
September 2022 - September 2026

Sustainable fisheries: social relations, identity and co-management of Adriatic fisheries resources


Department of sociology: Dražen Cepić (PI), Sven Marcelić, Ivan Puzek; Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Mario Katić, The Department of Ecology, Agronomy and Aquaculture Bruna Petani; Institute for social research in Zagreb: Branko Ančić; World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) Adria: Danijel Kanski


Croatian Science Foundation

February 2021. - February 2026.

Impact of public policies at family and work life quality and demographic situation in Croatia – spaces of change

Department of sociology: Valerija Barada (PI), Sven Marcelić, Željka Zdravković, Ivan Puzek, Marija Šarić, Nensi Segarić


NGO: B.a.B.e. Be active, Be emancipated – Zagreb, PaRiter – Rijeka, HERA – Križevci, CGI – Poreč, Women's NGO Izvor, Domine – Split, Croatian Association of Bussines Women Krug; Expansion of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone' – Zagreb, Croatian Youth Network


Represenatives of local government: City of Novska, Vukovarsko-srijemska County


European Social Fund


The social resilience of Croatian society in the midst and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic (SOCRES)


Partners from Department of Sociology: Valerija Barada, Dražen Cepić, Karin Doolan, Krešimir Krolo, Željka Tonković


Institute for social research in Zagreb: Branko Ančić (PI);


Croatian Science Foundation

July 2020. – January 2022.

European Inventory of Societal Values of Culture as a Basis for Inclusive Cultural Policies in the Globalizing World (INVENT)

Partners from Department of Sociology: Mirko Petrić, Željka Zdravković.


Coordinators: Susanne Jensen; Marc Verboord (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)


Jordi López Sintas (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, PI), Tally Katz-Gerro (University of Manchester, PI), Nete Nørgaard Kristensen (Københavns Universitet, PI), Semi Purhonen (Tampereen yliopisto, PI), Sebastian Weingartner (Universität Zürich, PI), Inga Tomić-Koludrović (Institute of Social Sciences – Split Branch, PI), Predrag Cvetičanin (The Cultural Policy and Management Platform – Niš, PI), Frédéric Lebaron (Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay, PI)



February 2020 – February 2023

European Union Policies and the Platformisation of Cultural and Audio-visual Sectors – platEU

Partners from Department of Sociology: Valerija Barada


Project Coordinator: Jaka Primorac,  Department for Culture and Communication,

Institute for Development and International Relations – IRMO, Zagreb


Erasmus+ program (Jean Monnet)

October 2020 – October 2022

Relational Gender Identities in Croatia – GENMOD


Partners from Department of Sociology: Mirko Petrić, Željka Zdravković, Ivan Puzek


Project Coordinator: Inga Tomić-Koludrović (Institute of Social Sciences – Split Branch, PI)


Croatian Science Foundation

01. 04. 2017. - 31. 03. 2021.