Odjel za nastavničke studije u Gospiću


Anela Nikčević-Milković, PhD

She was born in 1970. in Osijek, Croatia where she finished elementary and high school. She completed her psychology studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Croatia in 1996. Academic year 1993./1994. she spent in Los Angeles, USA in studied English. From 1997. to 2001. she was employed by the Social Welfare Center in Gospić, Croatia as a psychologist and then completed two degrees of Behavioral-Cognitive therapy in Rijeka, Croatia and passed the Professional exam for independent work like psychologists at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Since 2001. she has been employed at the Teacher Training College in Gospić, University of Rijeka (today is: Department of Teacher Studies in Gospić, University of Zadar), first like a lecturer, later like a senior lecturer and since 2015. she is an assistant professor. She teaches courses: Introduction to Developmental Psychology, Child Psychology, Learning and Teaching Psychology, Selected Topics in Cognitive Psychology, Social Skills Training, Emotional Intelligence, Violence Against and Among Children, Family and Parenting Psychology, Communication Psychology and Research Methodology in Education. At the postgraduate scientific study Knowledge society and information transfer at the University of Zadar she is a teacher in the course Psychological, Social and Cultural Determinants of Literacy. From 2020. she is a teacher in the course Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Montenegro Language and Literature in Cetinje, Montenegro.

In 2008, she received her master's degree in Cognitive and metacognitive processes in writing in lower and upper-level students and in 2012. she received her PhD in The field of self-regulation of learning in the field of writing at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

She was the head of the Quality Improvement Commission at the Faculty for four academic years and a member for three academic years. 2010./2011. was the head of the Department for Teacher Studies in Gospić, Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Rijeka. 2011./2012. was the head of the Department of Teacher Studies in Gospić, University of Zadar. 2013. and 2014. was President and Vice-President of the Governing Board of the Nikola Tesla Polytechnic in Gospić. From 2018. to 2021. is a member of the Senate of the University of Zadar, head of the Alumni Club of the Department in Gospić. From 2017. to 2021. she was the Vice-President of the School Board of the Primary School dr. Jure Turić in Gospić, since 2019. she is a member of the Home Committee of the A. G. Matoš Student House in Zagreb. Within the Center for Psychosocial Assistance for Lika-Senj county (within Ministry of Croatian Veterans Affairs of the Republic of Croatia) she has been active like psychologist since 1998. In 2017. she led the national project Psychosocial Empowerment Program for Croatian Veterans and Homeland War Victims at the Ministry of Croatian Veterans Affairs (EU funds), on the basis of which an expert study was created. From 2020. she is member of the Commission for victims of sexual violence at the same Ministry.

She has published one book Risk and Protective Factors of Behavioral Disorders in Adolescents and two chapters in the books, about fifty scientific and professional papers, she actively presented at over eighty scientific and professional conferences. She has been a contributor to four scientific projects: 1) Analysis of risk behaviors of 7th and 8th grade elementary school students and secondary school students of the Lika-Senj County (Institute for Social Research, Zagreb i 2003.), 2) Cultures in Touch: Centennial Croatian and Montenegro Literary Identities (2005.), 3) Perception of studies and teaching invitation (Institute for Social Research, Zagreb, 2009.-2014.) and 4) ZadarZaDar - the development of gifted students. She has been a reviewer in a number of scientific and professional publications in Croatia and abroad, an evaluator of numerous projects and a member of the editorial board of the Proceedings and editor-in-chief of a book of abstracts from a scientific-professional conference. She is a member of the editorial board of the The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology (TOJET) and the Journal of Global Education and Research (JGER). She was the president and member of several program and organizing committees of scientific and professional meetings. She was a visiting scholar 2016. at the Faculty of Montenegro Language and Literature in Cetinje, Montenegro, where she delivered a series of lectures and workshops within the topic Psychological Perspective of Reading and Writing. She systematically participates on her own and with students in the popularization of science.

She has reviewed a number of articles for various scientific journals and collections of papers, two manuals, and two chapters in a foreign book. She reviewed the Educational and Socializing Goals and Contents of the HNOS in 2005. as a member of the MZOŠ. She reviewed a number of professional projects of the MZOS, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth. As an external independent evaluator she evaluated a number of projects funded by EU funds from 2017. to 2019.

She has participated in over twenty professional projects: International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) from Denmark (Zagreb, 1996.); Prevention of addiction and risk factors for sexuality in students from grades 5. to 8. in Zagreb (Center for Humanitarian Work Sunflower, Zagreb, 1996.); Human Rights Education (Center for Culture of Peace and Nonviolence Mali Step and OSCE for Croatia, 2006.); School Open to Parents ( Parents' Association Step by Step, 2007.); Prevention peer violence (UNICEF, 2004.-2010.); A New Age of Human Rights and Democracy in Schools (Croatian Youth Network and Gong Center for Peace Studies, 2012.-2013.); Sunny side of Street Project (Ambidexter Club Zagreb, 2012.-2013.); Prevention of Violence in Youth Relations (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb and DPP, 2009.-2020.); Phone bonton (Vida Rijeka, 2019.) and in a large number of scientific and professional education.

She has been a mentor in the design of over fifty graduate student papers and has published seven scientific and professional papers with students. She has participated in the writing of the Break the Chain-Prevention of Electronic Abuse Handbook and has received reward from UNICEF and the Agency of Education in Croatia 2011. for making outstanding contributions to the prevention of violence against and among children. She has delivered over seventy invited lectures at professional conferences, public forums, roundtables and professional events across Croatia and abroad. She is a member of the Croatian Psychological Society and the Croatian Psychological Chamber.


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