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"Water Management in Coastal and Insular Karst Areas"

Zadar, Croatia

July 7th - July 18th

Dear Participants of the 16th IP Seminar in Zadar 2013,

It is our privilege to have you as our guests this year in Croatia, at the University of Zadar from July 7th to July 18th. 

       This year’s topic is dedicated to water management in karst areas. About 50% of Croatia’s territory, and almost entire littoral Croatia, is covered in karst which encompasses a vast variety of geological, geomorphological, hydrological and hydrogeological features. One of the main characteristics of karst is a lack of surface water and a rich underground circulation. The lack of surface water has determined the way of life of the local population. Modern economic development, with tourism as its cornerstone, presents a new challenge for sustainable water management. Seasonality of tourism which peaks in summer, the driest period of the year, requires a careful planning in order to avoid shortages of water. In the future, climate changes are also expected to have an impact on the water availability as they can lead to sea-level rise which has a negative impact on very sensitive coastal karst aquifers. Some karst forms, such as stalagmites, are an excellent indicators of past climate changes and can provide a better insight in the ongoing climate processes. Since karst zones are very sensitive ecosystems, special attention is needed in spatial planning as well as in economic and demographic development. Through lectures and field researches we hope to provide you with the understanding of karst hydrology and water management, as well as with general information on Zadar and its region.


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