Viewing from the perspective of a student with a disability, there are no spatial obstacles for accessing the University. All buildings are accessible to the persons in a wheelchair due to the ramps at the entrances, while different parts of the building can be reached by an elevator.
Besides, there are toilets adjusted to the persons with physical disabilities.
All the rooms are accessible to the students with visual impairment, and the elevator buttons are marked in Braille signs.
All the rooms are also accessible to the students with hearing impairment, including the rooms at the Students Counselling Centre.

University - "the old campus"

Disability entrance on the north side of the building  
 Elevators in the University building  
 Braille elevator buttons  
Folding stairlift - Department of Croatian and Slavic Studies  
Sloping ramp for overcoming height differences   
Sloping ramp for overcoming height differences
 Vertical lifting platform - elevator  
Sanitary facilities  

University - "new campus"

Entrance to the University building   
 "New campus" premises  

The Barbakan Restaurant – “the large canteen”


Citadela - "the small canteen"


Božo Lerotić Student Club


Residence hall

 Residence Hall entrance  

Student service centre

 Ramp accessing the entrance  

Building in Relja district

Department of Economics

Department of Health studies

Stjepan Matičević Centre

Centre for Adriatic Onomastic Research

Centre for Research on Littoral and Krast

Centre for Interdisciplinary Maritime and Marine Research

Student Counselling Centre
 Sanitary facilities

Scientific and town library

 Ramp at the entrance to the Scientific library  
 Entrance to the central Town Library of Zadar