About The Department of Croatian and Slavic Studies

The Department of Russian Language and Literature was founded in Zadar in 1956. The double degree study group of Russian Language and Literature offers the possibilities of studying at undergraduate (undergraduate program available here) and graduate levels. The graduate program offers possibilities of profiling attendants within teaching (master program for teachers available here) or translating (master program for translators available here) courses, while the single degree graduate program of Russian language, which is in preparation, will facilitate the education of experts of a wider profile. Students of Russian can get a job within parameters of education, science, economy, culture, tourism, media and publishing services etc. The points acquired at other institutions of Russian studies will also be recognized at Rusisitics in Zadar. For the enrollment of undergraduate program, no previous knowledge of Russian language is required, since the program is conceptualized for the beginners. The professional and academic titles or levels, which are acquired by finishing the studies are: Baccalaureus – Bachelor of Arts in Russian language and literature; Master of Arts in Russian language and literature of teaching program and Master of Arts in Russian language and literature of translating program

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