CIMMAR - Center for Interdisciplinary Marine and Maritime Research

Department of Ecology, Agriculture & Aquaculture


Department of Ecology, Aquaculture and Agriculture – cooperates with the regional industry. Focus on aquaculture and coastal agriculture research and commercial production innovations. Future research is to reinforce collaboration with private sector to enhance and optimize aquaculture production and quality.

Aquaculture is a very recent addition (2010) to the University of Zadar and is lead by Dr. sc. Ivan Zupan and his colleagues. Integrating underwater engineering, marine ecology, biotechnology, and socio-economic aspects into the applied science of aquaculture will proof to be a great advantage. It will allow for the generation of important innovations which may affect aquaculture production, its environmental and economic sustainability, its technical maintenance, and its capacity to adapt to natural, economic and societal changes. Ongoing research focus is on integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA), something that is recognized worldwide but basically absent in the Mediterranean. CIMMAR could become an innovation engine for the region. Proactive effort is conducted towards building a strong consortium with the Zadar region aquaculture farming community county government, and relevant ministries to establish the conditions that favour the implementation of interdisciplinary applied research and the efficient transfer of its innovative deliverables to end users, and, eventually, the spinning-off of new local businesses in aquaculture production and service.