Odjel za psihologiju

Oral presentation: estimated duration of individual presentation within a chaired thematic session is 15 minutes maximum (including discussion after presentation)

Poster presentation: printed-paper posters (size B1: 100 cm height x 70 cm width) will be presented live. Participants of the poster sessions should place their posters in the places provided (marked P1 to P14) before the start of their poster session. Presenters should remove their posters from the billboard no later than 15 minutes after the end of their poster session.

 • Symposium: should contain 5 to 6 presentations by different authors dealing with a common topic. The symposium convener moderates the discussion and gives a final review. Estimated duration is 90 minutes.

Roundtable discussion: refers to discussion on a relevant contemporary scientific or professional topic in the field of psychology or related sciences with the purpose of exchanging theoretical and professional ideas and knowledge. The discussion with the selected participants of the roundtable is moderated by the convener. Estimated duration is up to 90 minutes.

Workshop: is organized and led by one or more persons with a goal of experiential learning through active participation. Estimated duration is up to 90 minutes. Due to the limited number of participants, those interested in participating will need to register in time (detailed instructions on registration for participation in workshops will be posted later at the conference website).