On behalf of the Croatian Organizing Committee, I invite you to 11th biennial Mediterranean Symposium of the European Association for Animal Production which will take place in Zadar (Croatia), from 27th to 29th of October 2010.

The theme of the Symposium is “Animal Farming and Environment Interactions in Mediterranean Regions” and it is arranged in four main sessions:

1.    Animal Environment Interaction

2.    Environmental Impact of Human Activities on Livestock Systems

3.    Environmentally Sustainable Livestock Production and

4.    Aquaculture: Animal and Aquatic Environments Interactions.

The participants will have the opportunity to attend to a very attractive scientific programme in the four different areas in which the symposium is planned. The wide number of presentations, the Round Tables and the discussions of the latest and most relevant research achievements in the field of animal science, natural resources management and aquaculture will make the symposium a unique chance to exchange ideas and experiences among scientists from the countries laying around the Mediterranean basin.

The symposium has a specific relevance for our University since it is the first international events in agriculture and aquaculture (and their management) that is organised with the direct involvement of our personnel. The outcomes of the Symposium are expected to contribute to a further development of research for our Mediterranean Department for Ecology, Agriculture and Aquaculture in accordance with international standards.  As a consequence, the Symposium is a selected opportunity for the Croatian scientific community to directly contact its European colleagues with which sharing of scientific achievements and experience is a top objective.  The result of such interaction will be a permanent flow of knowledge and proposed solutions to the actual problems facing the European in general and the Mediterranean agriculture in particular.

We are confident that the symposium will contribute to the creation of national strategic plans and programs aimed to the conservation and sustainable utilization of the Mediterranean natural resources, a responsible use in the animal production sector and of the marine resources.

From a scientific point of view, I am convinced that all the participants will take part in a productive meeting and have the chance to enjoy the social events in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Jozo Rogosic

President of the Croatian Organizing Committee

Latest news

The deadline for submission of full papers extended to October 1, 2010.