Keynote speakers

Julio Aramberri, Faculty of Languages and Cultural Studies, Hoa Sen University

Lecture topics: "Two and a Half Founding Myths in Tourism Research"

Chris Cooper, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University

Lecture topics: "DMOs and Climate Change: The Illusion of Action"


Graham Dann, Finnmark University College

Lecture topics: "Exploring the Meanings of Myth in Tourism: From Religion, Fantasy

                       and Falsehood to Semiotics in the Time of the Sign?"

William C. Gartner, University of Minnesota

Lecture topics: "Tourism's Economic Impact: Who gets to claim the Gold"


Bob McKercher, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Lecture topics: "The Origins and Roles of Myths in Tourism Academia"

Boris Vukonić, University of Zagreb

Lecture topics: "Myth in Tourism and How to Cope with it?"